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Comic 9 - Go down path.
28th May 2012, 10:22 PM
Go down path.
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cupcat edit delete
You proceed down the path and find yourself on a beach made of large pebbles. The breeze isn't as strong, but you can feel the salty smell of the sea better down here. In the wall is the entrance to the old dungeons. They contained prisoners before the new dungeons were built on a higher level. There is a small boat on the beach. You are not sure if it contains anything, but it looks fine and could probably sail well in the sea's current condition. On a small rock you suddenly see a girl! She hasn't noticed you, because she is looking the other way. She looks a bit sad. But wait! You realize that she is the other princess, the sister of the girl who was kidnapped! You are about to greet her, but you suddenly forget her name. What is her name? (Here I might not pick the first option, but rather my favourite one, or the one that you suggest the most.)
User comments:
Forb-T edit delete reply
Princess Prin Cess

I'm stepping in on this one, because Sabrini Fur shouldn't be allowed to hog the entire story. >:D
cupcat edit delete reply
Ahah, brilliant. ^^
Jade Joules edit delete reply
Jade Joules
Hey...I wait 2-3 hours before I comment, usually. :P
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
her name is cesa prinn