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Comic 54 - Prinn: Stay sensible. Hero: Head into town. Geton: Be conflicted
26th Aug 2013, 7:43 PM
Prinn: Stay sensible. Hero: Head into town. Geton: Be conflicted
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cupcat edit delete
Prinn shuts her eyes and tries to sleep, but worry clouds her mind. She tries to tell herself that it will be fine, but as soon as she feels herself dozing off, her thoughts return to her two newfound companions. Why won't Geton join her? Does he not trust her, or is he maybe even plotting something? And the boy, she thinks, does he also doubt her, or even care for her at all? Will he, like all the others, still be gone when the sun rises, never to be seen again? She tries to make herself believe that if she just goes to sleep, they will be back in the morning, by her side like true friends are, right? Eventually, still worrying, her mind drifts off into a land of lonely, distressful dreams.

You burst out through the door, sword in hand, ready to take on the horrifying creature and save the day, However, there is no one to be found outside. No one at all. At least not in this part of town it seems, you think as you look around from right to left, eyes narrowed and knees bent.

Geton is conflicted. Conflicted about his choice of beverage, that is.
User comments:
Sheik edit delete reply
Hero: go to the magic store for some supplies. Also inquire if they know of any seers.
Bragd (Guest) edit delete reply
Hero; Find trouble.
Prinn; Snore.
Geton; Get shitfaced drunk before joining hero in his trouble-finding.