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Comic 53 - Prinn: Be the sensible one and rent a room.
12th Aug 2013, 2:46 PM
Prinn: Be the sensible one and rent a room.
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cupcat edit delete
Prinn goes downstairs and says that she wants to rent a room. The lady at the counter says that she can get you a room for only 100 coins, since you are strangers and likely don't have anywhere to go. Prinn points out that the lady is supposed to demand a higher price from strangers who have no clue or any option. The lady wonders why, she thinks that sounds mean.
"Nevermind." Prinn says. She hands over 100 coins.
The party now has 3114 G.
User comments:
Sabrini Fur edit delete reply
Sabrini Fur
>Prinn: Stay sensible and get a good nights rest.

>Hero: Head into town to fight deadly things. WHO NEEDS SLEEP?

>Geton: Be conflicted.
Guest (Guest) edit delete reply
>Prin and Geton: Get to bed, you need the rest.
>Hero: stay up all night and stare out the window. Vigilantly.
Bragd (Guest) edit delete reply
I was that guest, but I'm to dumb to writ emy name propper.