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Comic 49 - Head upstairs and loot the place.
18th Mar 2013, 8:39 PM
Head upstairs and loot the place.
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cupcat edit delete
You ascend to the upper floor. There are four doors in this hallway. There isn't much to loot, but you discreetly swipe the tablecloth from under the potted plant. The plant is probably too heavy to take with you. At least the pot is.
A maid is mopping the floor.
"A room is 135 gold coins, talk to the owner downstairs." she says with a monotone voice, without even bothering to turn her head.
User comments:
Sabrini Fur edit delete reply
Sabrini Fur
Enter a door anyway. They're probably unlocked.
Mipp (Guest) edit delete reply
Ask to borrow her mop. But remember to do it with a smile!