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Comic 48 - Tell them "We will save your people!"
17th Mar 2013, 7:21 PM
Tell them "We will save your people!"
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You tell the elves that you and your group of adventurers will save them from this horrendous beast!
"What's your plan then, oh great and mighty warrior?" Prinn says. "It's darker than the soles of a dwarf's feet outside, and if that octopus guy is out there in the night it'll probably rip your head off before you even notice. Not that that'd be such a big loss, heheh."
"Aren't you being a bit rough on the boy, princess?" Geton asks in a semi-jokingly manner.
"Haha, I'm just messing with him!" Prinn replies. "Right, handsome?" she asks you. You don't know what to say, or if she's even expecting an answer. Probably not. Dialogue isn't exatly your strong side.
The elf stares at his feet for a few seconds, then begins to speak.
"The girl who you refer to as a princess is right, young man. Although we are very thankful for that you say that you want to save us, keep in mind what I told you. Now, I am not a warrior and I do not know much about combat, but I'm pretty sure that an encounter with the beast right now would only be a disadvantage. Then again, I do not know anything about fighting. You'll have to decide when and where to challenge the monster yourselves."
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Jade Joules
Head upstairs and loot the place.