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Comic 47 - Question him.
7th Mar 2013, 9:07 PM
Question him.
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You ask the elf some really serious and relevant questions. Why is he here? What is this place? Why were he and his friends hiding? What's up with the hats? How come Maramonian bagels used to taste better as a kid? All the real questions.
"This is an inn" the elf says.
"I went here to have a drink" the elf says.
"Our hats are like shells because our kind is sea-themed" the elf says.
"As to why we're hiding..." The elf shivers a bit and glances nervously out the window.
"Well..." He lowers his voice, almost down to a whisper.
"Every night when the moon is full, a terrible beast emerges from the sea and comes to our town in search of food. That's us. We're never sure of when during the night the monster will appear, so it's best to always stay inside after the sun goes down. The ones who forget to go inside almost always vanish, never to be seen again. A few, maybe two or three, have survived, and although none of them have seen the whole creature, they all tell stories of how they've seen giant tentacles approach from behind a corner and grabbed their friends. The last thing they remember before fleeing blindly in panic is a terrifying howl. The howl we all hear not only when the beast is here, but also in our nightmares every night. No one here can describe it, it is unlike any other cry we've ever heard. All we know fore sure is that it seems to come from a place deeper down than any elf or fish has ever been."
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