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Comic 43 - Pick up meat and horns. Continue to destination.
20th Jan 2013, 12:51 AM
Pick up meat and horns. Continue to destination.
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Geton puts the two pieces of Bear Meat and the two Demon Horns in his backpack. You continue on your journey.

You arrive in the coastal village a few minutes after the sunset. The first five houses you see are an inn, a blacksmith, a magic goods store, a supply shop and ship builder's office. Further away are more buildings surrounding the docks. You can't see what's written on the signs, but you guess that they are mostly warehouses, residential houses and older buildings of local cultural importance. You've never seen this kind of architecture before.
"Oh, yes. Now I remember!" Geton says.
"This village is one of the few, perhaps the very last remaining elf settlements in our world. I wonder where they came from? Guess I've never thought about it until now. They weren't involved in the war, so I guess it didn't seem important back then, haha! It used to be all about swords and demons and brave warriors in capes. Times have really changed, huh?" Geton says, but Prinn interrupts him.
"Where are the elves though? I mean, it isn't THAT late, so why are they all inside? There's light in every window but not a soul on the street... Do these people never party or what?" Prinn exclaims.
"Hm? You're right! I didn't even notice, but the town IS certainly empty." Geton remarks.
"Yeah, you can say that again." says Prinn.
"The town IS certainly empty!" Geton replies.
"Heheh." Geton chuckles.
You look around. It is very serene. The beautiful houses are all cluttered along the dark water of the coast. The sky is turning into a bleak purple, and while you admire the distant lighthouse and the thick pine forest that surrounds the village, a sea breeze slowly blows in, gently, like a chill whisper from out of a dream. You pull the cowl of your cape tighter around your neck as you start to freeze just a little, and then your gaze falls upon the horizon, and you spend the next five minutes staring into the nothingness that is the evening summer sea. Like time has temporarily ceased to be and leaving you stranded upon a still pale second of an otherwise hecting and upbeat life full of discoveries and problems, you feel nothing at all. Not a single thought runs through your mind. For a while.
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Sabrini Fur
Alright, you just have to go into the INN.

Every group of travellers must.