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Comic 41 - [Clash Maneuvers]
13th Jan 2013, 4:39 PM
[Clash Maneuvers]
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cupcat edit delete
Duel Progression:
Geton tackles Demon Bear using his incredible STRENGH attribute! Demon Bear is temporary immobilized!
Prinn utilizes her fists upon Demon Bear!
The Hero stabs Demon Bear in a CRITICAL AREA, forcing the status condition INJURE on Demon Bear.
Demon Bear knocked down!
Demon Bear is immobilized!
Demon Bear suffers light damage.
Demon Bear suffers moderate damage.
Demon Bear suffers heavy damage.
Demon Bear is INJURED.
User comments:
Sabrini Fur edit delete reply
Sabrini Fur
>Team: Utilize super mega team power blast of death finishing move on demon bear
Sheik edit delete reply
Well that was unexpected o_0