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Comic 40 - [Clash Maneuvers]
6th Jan 2013, 2:16 PM
[Clash Maneuvers]
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cupcat edit delete
Duel Progression:
Geton steps in front of the fair maiden and pushes her back to defend her. He then realizes that he does not have a sword, and therefore cannot attack!
Prinn is pissed off.
The Hero decides not to wield his sword for his devastating attack: Furious Swipe! on Demon Bear.
Demon Bear employs his battle command: Bear Strike! on The Hero.
The Hero suffers moderate damage.
Demon Bear suffers light damage.
User comments:
Sabrini Fur edit delete reply
Sabrini Fur
>Prinn : Pushes ahead and punches the bear square in the face

>Geton : Attempts to tackle the bear to the ground

Hero : Realizes he has a sword and brandishes it, then striking at the rear haunches of the bear
Sheik edit delete reply
Tackle a demon bear!? o_0

if I could suggest one change;

> Geton: Special ability: ROUNDHOUSE KICK
cupcat edit delete reply
just to make it clear, your suggestion is sabrini furs but with a change in getons actions?
Sheik edit delete reply
Yup, I'm not fussed about it though.