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Comic 37 - Have Prinn equip light armor, have whole party carry light provisions.
22nd Dec 2012, 10:53 PM
Have Prinn equip light armor, have whole party carry light provisions.
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cupcat edit delete
You command Prinn to find some light armour more suitable to adventuring. Geton assists her in choosing, but she seems to have spotted her favourite colour already. You also have Geton carry some light food provisions, as his inventory is the only one that has open slots. Your backpack is full, and Prinn has no bag.
Geton aquires:
-Dried meat (1)
-Bread (2)
-Cranberries (30, stacked)
-Water caltrops (8, stacked)
-Flask of water (2)
Inside the bag, there was Kingdom map (1) already. View the map by typing "View map"! If you forget some commands, type "Help".

(You cannot insert commands of two different types at once. These two were both item related, and could be performed at once. Keep that in mind! You can for example drop, pick up and equip several items in one command. You can also travel to a certain location, choose where to stay for the night and what to eat, in one command, as these actions are all related to travelling. However, as stated, you cannot perform commands of different types at once.)
User comments:
Sabrini Fur edit delete reply
Sabrini Fur
I say! They should now look for a seer.
Sheik edit delete reply

I think I'll stay back and read for a while ;)