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Comic 35 - [CS] Sleep, like, so hard.
16th Dec 2012, 12:09 PM
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cupcat edit delete
You rest for the night. An owl howls. Prinn takes the bed, while you and Geton sleep on mattresses on the floor. The swamp is as quiet as a grave.
When you wake up, you are even hungrier than before. In fact, you can barely stand. It seems as if Geton has made some breakfast. Prinn actually seems a bit worried for once.

(Remember than you can command your party members by giving them commands.)

(NOTE TO PLAYER: From now on, when you see the word <CS> before a command, it means that the page is a CUTSCENE that involved SOUND/MUSIC!)
User comments:
Sheik edit delete reply
>Take your pills. Messily devour everything on the table by the window and explain the situation.

Great comic btw I love the artwork.
cupcat edit delete reply
hey thanks a bunch c: