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Comic 29 - Say no, and then sit down, eager to listen.
15th Nov 2012, 8:59 AM
Say no, and then sit down, eager to listen.
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You sit down and listen to Getons story.
"We had made it all the way to the gates of the Death Fortress, the stronghold of evil. Many of our men had fallen, but we pressed on. Our men were dropping like flies, but so were the enemies. As a soldier, I was trained to take nothing for granted, but for a second, I could taste bittersweet victory.

That was when a piercing howl, like the cry from the abyss, was heard from inside the castle. A bright flash of light, and then before us stood a man of unfathomable strengh. He had large black wings protruding from his back and a sword just as dark. For a short moment, nothing happened, but then it happened.

The dark figure started glowing, and then in the blink of an eye that seemed to last an eternity, he wiped out both armies entirely. I was at the back trying to treat the wounds of a fallen friend, and saw the killing. I got hurt when trying to rescue my fallen comrade, and in the end I had to flee to save my own hide. Only I and two others made it back. When we had escaped into the forest, I glanced back and saw the murderous demon fly away into the castle.

I haven't seen the two others since that time. When we returned, the revolution had already begun at home, and I retreated to this cabin, because I knew that a soldier of the Old Kingdom wouldn't be treated well in this new era. Things calmed down, but I've been living here since."
Getits voice fades out as he sits down and stares into the wall for a moment.
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Jade Joules
Get up, silently, and sit on his lap.