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Comic 28 - Enter name 2:
14th Nov 2012, 10:38 PM
Enter name 2:
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The man smiles.
"My name is Geton Whitit, guard and princess. I see you have stumbled upon my little house this dark and scary night. You're welcome to stay. Judging your combination of hero and love interest, I assume you're on an adventure? If so is the case, feel free to ask me whatever you want. I'm pretty good at that stuff. In fact, I used to be and adventurer like you, until something not knee-related happened, because that saying couldn't be any older, right?
Longer ago than you may believe, I fought for the Old Kingdom in the raging war against the dark forces of evil that ravaged the land. After a while I... Oh, sorry, I'm just going on and on about myself. Am I boring you?"
Geton's eyes begin to reveal a faint glow as he speaks. He seems eager to continue talking.
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Jade Joules
Say no, and then sit down, eager to listen.