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Comic 25 - To the Cabin! Scrounge for supplies.
9th Jul 2012, 1:43 AM
To the Cabin! Scrounge for supplies.
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cupcat edit delete
Despite being more hungry than a pack of wolf in a meat shop (assuming that they didn't eat recently) you barge into the cabin with wild abandon. As the true game hero you are, you rapidly search every visible jar, locker, and of course treasure chest, looking for supplies. You find an empty drawer and it's owner, as well as the owner of the rest of the cabin. It happens to be the same person. Whoever it is watches you patiently while sitting on an old and creaky chair, next to a terribly dangerous-looking sickle. Prinn either hasn't noticed him yet, or doesn't care. Your protagonist hero brain assumes that she is in danger. You suddenly feel unsure about rummaging through all these belongings. What now?
cupcat edit delete
Hello, hello. I'm back and updating! Also I'm writing more in the Author's Blog, so read more about it over there!
User comments:
Rubberduck edit delete reply
I can see what that picture on the wall is from! :D
cupcat edit delete reply
yep now enter command
Forb-T edit delete reply
Quietly try to sneak back out with Prinn, hoping the homeowner might not have noticed you yet.