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Comic 24 - Just attempt to get to the swamp.
21st Jun 2012, 4:03 PM
Just attempt to get to the swamp.
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cupcat edit delete
You arrive at the shore of the swamp later that night. You are terribly hungry and famished. Prinn is humming. Although there is a picture, you are still in words aware of being near a cabin, a path into the swamp, which more resembles a forest, and another path which may or may not lead back to the south. You also hear toads.
cupcat edit delete
I'm unable to update due to being in Croatia, read the author's blog for more information. (if you can find it, I haven't actually explored the site myself. Anyway bottom line is that I'll be home next week.
User comments:
Jade Joules edit delete reply
Jade Joules
TO THE CABIN!!! Scrounge for supplies..
Rubberduck edit delete reply
The door is open after all. Go inside.
But perhaps one of you should wait outside, just in case...