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Comic 22 - Sashimi that mofo!
18th Jun 2012, 10:59 PM
Sashimi that mofo!
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Using your sword, you rapidly chop the fish into delicious sashimi. The fish is not so pleased as it is dead and sashimi. You offer it to Prinn. She looks really happy. The sun is slowly setting, and as she smiles you both make eye contact, just for a brief second. The only sound you can hear is the splashing of small waves against the hull of the boat, but the sound seems distant, unimportant. You suddenly feel entranced. It is as if the sea is endless, separating you two from the rest of the world. Her skin looks so smooth, her hair soft like silk, flowing like the wind between the stalks of flowers on a meadow a balmy summer day. Her lustrous eyes are like the ocean. Beautiful, but impossible to escape once you've fallen into them. You catch a glimpse of what seems to be the very universe itself, hidden within the depths of her eyes. It's as if time just stopped.

Prinn eats the sashimi.
"Thanks." she says. Then she continues to do whatever she was doing before, except that she is probably not as hungry as before. There is no more sashimi.
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Sabrini Fur
Make an adorably sad face.