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Comic 19 - To the swamp! (2)
17th Jun 2012, 11:28 PM
To the swamp! (2)
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cupcat edit delete
You are on your way to the swamp. However, the sun is setting and you are feeling kind of hungry. Prinn says that she'll eat you if you look away. You are not sure about what that means, but you think she's hungry too. You are both pretty sure that the swamp is up ahead, near the horizon. You are not sure about what you should do.

[Author's note: I couldn't post this page earlier because I was at a convention. This is what I did there: (I'm Jake English from Homestuck). Anyway, since the flash movie clip just ended with a big logo, you may comment here instead.]
User comments:
Sabrini Fur edit delete reply
Sabrini Fur
Grab a fish.
Rubberduck edit delete reply
look away when Prinn eats and then peek at her to see what she does and why you can't look at her.