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by cupcat

Hey everyone! I'm home from my trip now. I've been crossing Italy by train, visiting Rome, Florence and Venice. Then we went to Croatia for a week, in a quaint town called Rovinj/Rovigno. We also managed to see some of Berlin on our way home.

On a side note, since I've started using this blog function anyway, I might as well use more, like whenever something important happens, or if I just want to talk about something I'm currently reading, playing or watching. In other words, maybe I'll use blog posts as irregular update posts.

So, I've been playing nothing but Professor Layton and the Spectre's Call during the train rides and late hotel room nights, and as all the previous games,  the fourth in the series is also great. For those of you who don't know what it is, it is basically a series of puzzle games, but with much more focus on the story, which always revolves around some case that the main characters are to solve. (They're basically detectives) It contains a LOT of anime-style cutscenes with excellent voice acting, although the original japanese voices aren't avaliable in the game. The characters are all brittish though, so the european dub fits very nicely and has many talented voice actors.

I also drew some bonus art of the characters in Guard Quest, I'll upload it... Tomorrow, or whenever I have access to a scanner. (drew it on a train)

That's all. Updates will be a bit uneven since I'm on summer break and will be dragged along on various trips, but hopefully, this was the longest one, and maybe I can bring the computer and tablet if I'm not going far away. I'll update as much as possible when I'm home, and It's not like summer will last forever anyway, so as long as you keep commenting, there will be more Guard Quest. Thanks for reading and stuff like that!


by cupcat
You may have noticed I haven't updated lately. Don't worry, I went on a trip to Italy and Croatia with my family. I meant to write a longer post than this now that I finally have a bit of internet access, but it got deleted because it turned out this connection isn't the best. But I'll be home again next week and tell you more. Thanks for reading and shit! Update coming when I get home too.